Omari Hardy is the City Commissioner-Elect, District 2, Lake Worth, Florida.


Thanks to all of the volunteers who helped us win in 2017!


Omari Hardy is a 4th generation educator, teaching civics and world history at Roosevelt Community Middle School in West Palm Beach, FL.  He is a native Floridian, born and raised in Fort Lauderdale and educated at the University of Miami, where in 2012, he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree, with a major concentration in economics and a minor concentration in philosophy.  After working for his alma mater’s Frost School of Music, he moved to Lake Worth to take a position with Adopt-A-Family of the Palm Beaches, where he still works part-time today.

It was after putting down roots in Lake Worth that he became deeply involved in his community and his interest in local government intensified.  Motivated by the prospect of progress in this beautiful, seven square-mile city, he decided to run for Lake Worth city commission.


News & Updates

Omari Hardy Declares for Lake Worth City Commissioner, District 2

Who better to bring Lake Worth’s residents to the conversation that is good government for all than Omari Hardy, a civics teacher who teaches our children the importance of being a part of our democracy? Omari declared his intent to be your Lake Worth City Commissioner for District 2 last week. Check back here as we open up …